History of the Burger

A hamburger or a burger as it is simply put is made up of a cooked “patty” and a bun. There are usually condiments added to the burger but it can be left plain. In most cases the “patty” is made of beef but there are other burgers that contain no meat at all. For example there are some hamburgers that are vegetarian burgers.

Every burger restaurant claims to have “invented” the burger. Charles Nagreen claims to have invented the first burger back in 1885 in Wisconsin, when he served the first burger at a state fair in Seymour. It was Charles that decided to flatten a meatball to create what we know today as the hamburger. He thought that flattening the meatball and putting it between two slices of bread would make it more portable and he was right.

The Menches brothers also claim to have created the first burger in 1885 when they ran out of pork for their sausage patties and their butcher suggested they try beef since he did not want to slaughter any pigs during the summer months. When they first started to work with the beef patty, the brothers simply fried it up. However, this was not a tasty piece of meat so they decided to add some spices to add to flavour. The burger soon became a big hit.

In 1921, White Castle came up with the creation of what has come to be known the Salisbury Steak. Before the creation of the Salisbury steak, there was a decrease in the popularity of the hamburger. Since 1921, we have seen an increase in types of burgers. This is especially true in the success of fast food burger restaurants such as Arby’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and MacDonald’s.